Life Insurance for Those Living with Diabetes or Other Chronic Health Conditions

28/03/2024 | Financial Planning

Life Insurance protection is one of those necessary “nuisance expenses” for those of us who generate income for our families – income that would disappear if we suffered an early death. If you have a chronic health condition, the ability to purchase life insurance is not a nuisance, but a priority to protect your family.

For people with health issues, getting life insurance might seem tough or even impossible because of their condition or past rejections. But, it’s time to look at this differently. People are living longer these days, including those with conditions like diabetes, obesity, or high blood pressure.

What’s Changed? Consider the following:

  • Scientific evidence that people, including those with health issues, are living longer thanks to medical advancements.
  • The use of AI to better understand health conditions and discover that some people might not be as high risk to insure as previously thought.
  • Many insurance agents/brokers are too narrow in the search for coverage for those with a complex medical background. They stick to their usual choices or more often, the lowest-priced insurer based on someone with “perfect” health.

Better Options for Individuals Living with Diabetes

With improvements in treatment and better long-term data, the life insurance market, especially for diabetics, has drastically improved.

  • Type 2 diabetics are being offered standard rates
  • Type 1 diabetics were often declined outright, are now qualifying at affordable costs.

Life Insurance Solutions

Obviously, every situation is unique. In cases where there are multiple underlying conditions, the answer can be less simple.

We strongly believe that if you have family members, who depend on your income to live, you should have affordable life insurance. Our experience and breadth in the insurance marketplace allows us to help you where many others can’t.

If you are lacking adequate life insurance protection and would like to explore what’s now possible, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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